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Thanks to everyone who helped for the graduations through Aug 31!

Parents of 0341, Ann Tabert, Jesus Espinoza, Ann Tabert, Anonymous

We would also like to make a special acknowledgement to Parents of 0341 for all their support they've given over the years. Thanks so much. We wish you all the best!

Thanks to everyone who helped for the graduations through Aug 3!

Nancy Anderson, Kari Rominski, Tina Charnes-Henderson, Denise Sanchez, Robyn Knyte, Susan Hatcher Pate, Theresa Ann, Karen Rice, Anonymous, Carlin Felder, Robert Hubbard, Ken Reeder

Thank you so, so much!

Thanks to Joseph Presto for his birthday fundraiser on Facebook!

That was very thoughtful and much appreciated!

Thank you to the May 4, 2018 Bravo Company Families!

MoMs, Dads, Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles and Girlfriend. Thank you to all of you!!!

Thank you so much for all of you who helped with grads through March 23.

Lisa Heine, Dawn Zwiers, Jean Landman and the Josh Davis Memorial Poker Run.

Thank you to all of you!!!

Thank you so much for all of you who helped with grads through February 2.

Marine Parents, Inc., Ed Kohl, Parents of 0341, Michelle Pollard, Ken Reeder, Ann Tabert, Lisa Heine

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for all of you who helped with grads through December 31. Our last push before 2018 was a success!

Marine Parents, Inc., Ed Kohl, Parents of 0341, Dan Burger, Garrett Cook, Joel Bautista, Dawn Pesnell, Kelly Almond, Sheri Almond, Mark Rotlewicz, Sherry Hammill, Christopher Shepardson, Patricia Campanella, Margaret Harrell, Robert Soderquist
You all made a lot of people very happy. Thank you!

We have funding for the upcoming graduation. Thank you to all who keep a close eye on our site for needed funds and donate to help those families. So much appreciated!

Don't Let Them Stand Alone

A Message From the President

The Marine Bootcamp Graduation is PRICELESS for a parent to be at! Our mission is to help that become possible through generous donations (Tax Deductible) from you. Your donations go to those parents needing help. Won't you help today? We have many more applications for assistance than moneys to help. Thank you for helping and passing along our mission and website. Semper Fi. John Weant, Marine Veteran, MCRD Plt 336

Donations are tax-deductible.
EIN 20-2932679

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Hello and thank you for visiting our site! We are the Marine Graduation Foundation. We were founded in 2005 after identifying a need to help families attend Marine Corps Boot Camp graduations. Why are we doing this? We do this to make sure that no new Marine stands alone on graduation day. These men and women volunteered to go through painstaking training to allow all of us to sleep at night knowing they are there to protect us. Only after they successfully make it through training are they called United States Marines.

Picture this: Family Day arrives. The stands are full of friends and families. The Marines are dismissed for onbase liberty. The crowd rushes from their seats to hug their new Marine. They are so proud. The Marines are so very happy to finally see their family. They stand in their uniform, totally transformed! But wait...then you see a group of Marines walking away...no one is there for them. After everything they've been through there is no acknowledgement, no hugs, no tears, no nothing. We just did not think that was acceptable so here we are, 10 years later, helping Marines have that moment with their families that they would not otherwise get to experience.

If you don't have the money to get to the graduation, apply for assistance. People donate, applications are reviewed and if all goes well we will help you with travel costs so that your Marine does not have to stand alone on graduation day. Please remember funds are almost always limited. There are many families to help and many times not enough money to help everyone. If you can get to the graduation without our help, please save the funds for the people who wonder how they are going to get the money to have enough gas to drive to the graduation.

If we all band together we can ensure that NO NEW MARINE STANDS ALONE! If you can help with our mission, even if it is $5, it counts! We definitely could not do this without you! Above, you will find upcoming graduations for which you can specifically donate. If you do not have a tie to any particular graduation but would still like to help with our cause you can do that too by clicking the button below. Thank you, in advance, for your kindness.


Just a few happy families we've helped!


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